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Wordle gives you a default interface with a 6x5 grid made up of small tiles. Each tile corresponds to the position of a letter. This is a game that attracts players of all ages around the world. Not only does it bring entertaining moments, but Wordle is also an option to help people improve their strategic thinking and logical analysis abilities. It is shared by players and is now widely available.


Wordle challenges you to find a word through up to six guesses. You start the puzzle by entering any word in the first row. By repeating this process over and over, you will find the mysterious word thanks to the hints in the green and yellow tiles. As long as you have a computer or mobile device, you can play Wordle for free at any time.


There seems to be no reason to refuse Wordle when it is both a great way to entertain and keep your brain healthy with letters while helping you increase your logical thinking ability. Furthermore, after finding a word you can share it with friends as an achievement.


Read on to learn more about what is interesting about Wordle and how you can win it more easily.


Wordle Guides

Wordle's game rules are as follows

The player has a total of 6 guesses. Enter any letter to start the challenge

A matching letter is found when the tile turns green.

A correct but misplaced letter is found when the tile turns yellow.

Choose words that do not contain gray letters for the next guess, because they are letters that do not belong to the mystery word.

All tiles will turn green when you find the target word

After finishing the game, whether by finding the mysterious word or failing, refresh the page to start a new game.

A guide to playing Wordle with specific examples of WATER is given as follows,

The first word entered is RAISE

Then A is marked in green and R and E in yellow. Therefore, it is necessary to find a subsequent word containing the letters A, R, and E with the position of the letter A unchanged and the positions of the letters R and E adjusted.

The ideal next word is LAMER

The position of the letter A remains the same, the positions of the letters E and R have been changed and there are no letters that match the gray letter. Notably, ER is a common combination in English words.

The appropriate next word is HATER

H and T are two quite common consonants, while A, E, and R are already in the correct spot.

Continue predicting with the same analysis until the answer is found.


Wordle Unique Features

You will face completely different challenges in each turn. This makes you feel excited as what is about to face is something completely new. The target words in Wordle are completely random and you have no basis to rely on. They also won't depend on whether the day has something special or on a certain theme. So it's a real challenge.


You can play Wordle several times a day with different hidden words. Just refresh the page for a new puzzle. Moreover, you can increase the difficulty of the game by increasing the number of letters of the mystery word. Choices range from 4 to 11. Whatever your choice is, Wordle still keeps the guess for up to 6 times.


Wordle Tips

The following Wordle tips are given by Wordle players' experience, which is really beneficial for you to win the game with less effort.


Choose your first word carefully: The first word chosen should include the letters of the most frequently used proportions. The word should include 2 to 3 vowels and the most common consonants. Make yourself a list of possible words to always be ready toward Wordle. Our recommendations include HOUSE, ROATE, STARE, DOUBT, RAISE, and many more.


Note that a letter can appear more than once in a word like SEEDY, PROOF, BLOOD and more. You should try words like this if most of the letters are already grayed out and you can't find another good combination. This tip should be applied to later guesses instead of first words.


Use the exclusion method: Make sure the next word consists of the blue and yellow letters of the previous guessed word with the blue letter in place and the yellow letters in a completely different position. Also, make sure you don't reuse gray letters. If you reuse gray letters, you've wasted a turn in the Wordle puzzle. 


Keep in mind common combinations: There are many common combinations of letters in English. So, if the system gives you 2 or more yellow letters, you should consider whether you can combine them. Common combinations you can consider are ER, EST, OR, EE, OO or SH, WH, NG, CH, and many more.


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