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Word games and similar puzzle games have taken the Internet by storm. Daily Wordle is one of them. It is a word-guessing game in which each player is given six attempts to find a single target word of the day. All Daily Wordle players get the same word no matter where they are. Even the creator of the game doesn't know what the next word is, so the challenge is fair to everyone.


The game is widely spread thanks to its simplicity, particular challenge, and exciting waiting feeling it brings.


One more amazing thing about Wordle is that anyone can play it. Although there is no set age limit, Wordle Daily is best suited for children aged 6 and up, as well as adults, due to the requirement for word recognition and logical thinking abilities.


How to Play Wordle Daily?

The rules of Wordle Daily are quite simple, but finding the last word is never easy.

- Enter a five-letter word in the top row. Clues displayed via color-coding will appear shortly thereafter. 

If a letter of the word you entered is green, it is in the target word and in the correct spot. Meanwhile, if a letter shows yellow, it means they are in the target word but with a mismatched spot, and you must adjust its position for the following guess in order to identify the target word. 

Consider the word FARCE as an example of a day guessing word. If you enter the word CHASE for the first guess, the letter E will show up in green, the letters A and C will show up in yellow, while H and S will show up in gray.

From this, you can infer that the next word to be guessed should consist of the letters E, A, and C while A and C should no longer be in that position. These inferences help you find a suitable answer for your next guess to maximize your chances of winning. Also, choose words that do not include gray letters.

- Continue the above steps until you find the mystery word

It is also important to keep in mind that you can repeat a letter more than once in a word. For example, in the word COOKS, O appears twice.

If you're still having trouble finding words in Wordle Daily, we've included some pointers below that can help you choose the first word.


Wordle Daily Tips

Optimize the first guess

For Wordle Daily, the first word is always the most important. Without a good start, your chances of winning are greatly reduced. The advice is that the first guessed word ought to contain at least two vowels and a few of the most common consonants. Words like SOARE, ROATE, and RAISE are arguably the best Wordle Daily starters. Some players prefer STARE, ADIEU, or AUDIO because of the number of vowels present in the word. You can choose one of them to start any Wordle Daily challenge or you can also try all the suggested words in turn for different days to see which gives you the best ratio.

In addition to helping you increase your chances of scoring the green and yellow letters the first time, a good Wordle Daily starter will make it easier for you to develop words from those letters.


Use common consonants and vowels in the first guesses

Sometimes a word with a lot of vowels like RAISE or ADIEU doesn't necessarily bring you blue or yellow tiles. However, if that's the case, you should play another word with other vowels on the second turn. For example, if you play RAISE for the first turn but all the letters are gray, choose DOUBT for the second go. Vowels are key to figuring out what word structure is. Finding the yellow tiles early or eliminating them early is key.

It is known that E is the most common vowel, followed by A, O, I, and U respectively. Use them in that order of preference for the best chance of success.

For consonants, limit your use of words that contain less common letters like Q, J, or X for the first turn. Instead, you should choose R, T, S, and N at the beginning because they are the most common consonants in Wordle Daily and most answers will include at least one of them.


Think of popular combinations

Besides having a good start, skillful use of combinations will help you to win continuously. In English, there are many very common letter combinations like ER, TR, CH, and LY, which are more likely to go together than letters like MP or NY. In case you come across a yellow E and a yellow R, think about combining them and placing them at the end of the word. Most likely they will give a green ER.

You can completely look up the popular combinations in English and use that as a basis for yourself to play Wordle Daily. However, you need to keep in mind that all of the above advice is based only on what is popular but not Wordle Daily answers. But with a high win rate, they will be very useful to you in deadlock situations.

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